Prepare for Your Lease Signing!

We believe it is important for all future residents to understand that a lease agreement is a legally binding contract between the future resident and the property ownership & management team. To ensure our future residents and their guarantors are fully aware of the terms of the lease agreement and what the lease entails, we make our lease agreement available online for your review in advance of your application or lease signing.

The sample documents below are helpful resources to enable future residents and their guarantors understand the leasing process.


The lease agreement is signed by the future resident and counter-signed by an onsite management team member.

As the individual living in the unit, the future resident is the name listed on the lease agreement and the individual bound to the terms of the lease agreement, including the lease start and end dates, recurring installment payments, and apartment and community guidelines. The guarantor’s name does not appear on the lease agreement.


The guarantor form is a supplemental document a guarantor signs outlining their understanding of the financial terms of the lease agreement between the future resident and the property.

The guarantor form confirms the guarantor’s intention to both support the resident financially in the application process and confirm the monthly installments will be made per the terms of the lease agreement. The guarantor form is issued to the guarantor at the same time the lease agreement is issued to the future resident and must be signed in order for the lease to be finalized.


The Community Guidelines outline the rules and regulations for all residents living in the community.

The Community Guidelines are included in the lease packet and signed by the resident along with the lease agreement and any relevant addendums. These Guidelines outlines the expectations for all residents to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents.

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